The Rotary Coal Burner is Installed in Mongolia for the buyer’s Rotary kiln

Oct. 27,2017

In the beginning , the Rotary Coal Burner is mainly used for the asphalt mixing plant .As the time goes on ,more and more clients want to use it for the rotary kiln.for example ,our clients from Mongolia , he and his partner from Russian have been to our factory more than 5 times ,and discussed with our engineer about the design.Luckily , we reached an agreement at last .Now the rotary coal burner have been installed to Mongolia and will be in use after one month . And our clients are very satisfied with the quality .

The Rotary Coal Burner is Installed in Mongolia for the buye

Feature of Rotary coal Burner :

  1. Our MFR rotary kiln burner adopts independent combustion chamber rotating to solve traditional problems such as slagging or burning incompletely.
  2. The burner flame temperature is high, which can burn fully and save energy.
  3. MFR series rotary kiln burner with high performance refractory brick, prolonging the service life.
  4. Continuous production, no need slag removal everyday.
  5. With low fuel costs and cost-effective.if you are interested in our products ,please contact us freely ,we will give you response in 24 hours !

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