The difference between using curb stone slipform machine and prefabricated curbstone

Jul. 9,2020

The difference between using curb stone slipform machine and

The curbside paving machine is fast for paving curbs, requires less labor, and does not require prefabricated sites. The overall structure of paved curbs is high in strength, requires less labor, does not require prefabricated sites, and paves the overall structure of curbs It has high strength and smooth and beautiful lines, which is favored by construction units and owners. 

Compared with the method of prefabrication before installation, this construction method can improve the inherent construction quality of curbs: curbs have high strength, good flatness, straight lines, beautiful appearance, and good overall stability. At the same time, it accelerates the construction schedule, shortens the construction period, saves manpower and material resources, and can save 20-30% of the cost. Saving energy consumption and economic benefits are also good.Defects of using prefabricated curbstones:

1. High construction intensity: The density of granite curbstones is generally 2.7*103kg/m3. It can be seen that the mass of a conventional curbstone is about 60kg. In actual engineering applications, kerb is used in a very large number, and manual handling requires a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources.

2. The construction period is long and the speed is slow. Due to the high quality of the curb stones and the large amount of consumption, the workers have to spend a lot of physical energy during the installation process. The installation speed is bound to be very slow, and the extension of the construction period is taken for granted.3. Poor construction consistency: the workload of the bricklayers is relatively large, and the technical skills of the personnel are also well-regarded. Due to the unreproducibility of manual operations, the quality of the operations of the bricklayers varies. Even the same bricklayer can't guarantee the quality of every finished product .

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