Stionary Asphalt Batch Mix Plant 40t-320t/h(ABP)

Stionary Asphalt Batch Mix Plant 40t-320t/h(ABP)

ABP Series means “Asphalt Batch Plant “ ,it is Batch Mix Asphahlt Plant .The key parts for the plant is the mixer .Batch Mix Asphalt Plant is now welcomed by clients all over the world.

The equipment can produce asphalt mixture, modified asphalt mixture, color asphalt mixture, fully meet the construction of highways, grade roads, municipal roads, airports, ports and other needs.


  • Humanity Design Office-style operation room ,safe and confortable; 
  • Full network system and digital full auto control system , adopted industrial ethernet technology ,much higher weighing accuracy ,optional remote plant management service .
  • Design concept of customized for each customer ,exquisite processing technical ,reliable quality guaranty ,stable plant running and performance ,which guaranteed the minimum maintenance cost .
  • National Patent Design of drying drum lifting blade ,matched with wide adjustable frequency digital burner , which could reach the best heat exchange efficiency .

Introduction of Main Parts of Batch Mix Asphalt Plant:

  • Cold aggregate feed system
  1. Bin volume and number is customizable 
  2. Separated structure design significantly reduces dimensions for shipping and ensures a high capacity.3.Seamless ring belt ,high reliability and long life.

  • Drying drum
  1. Outside the drying drum is covered with a 50mm heat preservation structure
  2. Professional designed lifting blades inside the drum, which can promote thermal efficiency.
  3. Temperature detecting device is equipment beside the outlet of the drum

  • Burner(oil/gas/coal burner for optional)
  1. Italy EBICO burner imported with original packing ,high burning efficiency, diesel, diesel/heavy oil dual purpose or gas as fuel is optional
  2. With automatic flame failure protection devices for emergency

  • Dust collection system:
  1. Two level dust collection system (volute casing collector + bag house collector),with high and low temperature protection device for system security. 
  2. Bag house collector using USA DuPont NEMEX bags, heat resisting and long life.

  • Control system
  1. SIEMENS PLC electrical control system ,reliability is high. 
  2. Fully graphic Multilanguage control interface is easy and convenient for different operators.

Technical parameters of ABP Series Asphalt Mixing Plant:

Plant Capacity40t/h60t/h80t/h100t/h120t/h160t/h200t/h240t/h320t/h
Hopper capacity4 x 4.5m³4 x 4.5m³4 x 6.5m³4 x 6.5m³4 x 8m³5 x 8m³5 x 15m³5 x 15m³6 x 15m³
Belt capacity60t/h80t/h100t/h120t/h140t/h180t/h220t/h280t/h360t/h
Drying drum size1200x5200
Drying capacity40-60t/h60-70t/h80-100t/h100-120t/h120-140t/h160-180t/h200-220t/h240-260t/h320-360t/h
Burner (oil)70-300kg/h100-400kg/h60-600kg/h100-1000kg/h100-1000kg/h140-1400kg/h180-1800kg/h180-1800kg/h250-2500kg/h
Fuel consumption (oil)6.5-7kg/t6.5-7kg/t6.5-7kg/t6.5-7kg/t6.5-7kg/t6.5-7kg/t6.5-7kg/t6.5-7kg/t6.5-7kg/t
Screen4 layer4 layer4 layer4 layer4 layer4/5 layer5 layer5 layer6 layer
Aggregate weighing3x500kg3x1000kg3x1000kg3x1500kg3x1500kg3x2000kg3x3000kg3x3000kg3x5000kg
Bitumen weighing3x100kg3x100kg3x100kg3x200kg3x200kg3x200kg3x500kg3x500kg3x500kg
Filler weighing3x100kg3x100kg3x100kg3x200kg3x200kg3x200kg3x500kg3x500kg3x500kg
Mixer capacity500kg800kg1000kg1300kg1500kg2000kg2500kg3000kg4000kg
Mixing cycle45s45s45s45s45s45s45s45s45s
Bag house filtering200㎡300㎡430㎡480㎡550㎡650㎡700㎡1050㎡1350㎡
Exhaust Fan power18.5/22kw30/37kw45kw55kw2x45kw2x55kw2x75kw2 x 90kw2 x 110kw
Asphalt Temperature140-180 ℃140-180 ℃140-180 ℃140-180 ℃140-180 ℃140-180 ℃140-180 ℃140-180 ℃140-180 ℃
Finished Asphalt Silo (Optional)30 ton30 ton30 ton60 ton100 ton100 ton100/200 ton
Total Power-150kw-180kw-270kw-300kw-390kw-500kw-570kw-640kw-800kw

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