small concrete pump machine

small concrete pump machine

 A concrete pump is a machine used for transferring liquid concrete by pumping. 

Advantages of concrete pump 

1.Much larger volume of concrete placed per hour.  

2.Constant flow. 

3. Fewer wasted man hours.  

4.The crane can perform other tasks.  

5.Concrete placed straight where you want it.  

6.Lower Labour Costs.  

7.Quicker setup times.

Technical Paramters for Concrete Pump Machine 

Max. conveying dist.5~7 m³
Forms of workS pipe valve
Max. aggregate size0.5~2cm
Hydraulic oil coolingWind cooling
Vertical conveying distance15m
Horizontal conveying distance50m
Conveying pipe diameter65mm~80mm
Motor power11kw


1. concrete pump can convey fine aggregate concrete and mortar for high buildings. 

2. grout heat-insulated lightweight foamed cement, mortar floor heating, and self leveling for ground architecture. 

3. spray plain concrete and fiber concrete in engineering construction. 

4. convey and spray refractory and thermal insulation material. 

5. spray afforestation soil in ecological environment construction. 

6. pressure perfussion for foundation piles, backfill in overbroken tunnels, railway slope supporting, and disaster management. 


1. S-tube distribution valve is adopted to meet the pumping of small aggregate concrete and mortar

2. The main oil pump adopts deformed plunger pump, which has high efficiency and strong pressure.

3. The hydraulic system adopts independent three-loop control with high reliability

4. The glasses plate and cutting ring adopt sound quality and gold, wear resistance and long service life

5. Pumping mechanism adopts double-cylinder piston type, with advanced performance and good continuity.

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