Pre-sales Service

Professional and comprehensive pre-sales service guides and directs your investment.

Introduce products of our company; Learn customer’s demand and introduce the best sutiable products for customer.

All of our products can be customized to fit your needs.

On-sale service

Supervising the whole process of production and shipment to make sure customer get our product in time and good condition.Offer all the necessary technical data to customer.We have QC department which is responsible to control quality from the producing materials to finished products.

After-sales service

Thoughtful and prompt after-sales service provides support and guarantee for your benefits.

Service package:

1.Transport--2.Foundation treatment -- 3.Installation -- 4.Debugging -- 5.Staff training --6.Technical support -- 7.Spare parts supply

Technical Services

Sinosouth offers service packages that ensure all maintenance is current, making your plant efficient and also protecting it from premature wear that can result from poor service practices.An expert can visit your plant and together you can develop a plan that perfectly fits your needs.

Spare Parts

Sinosout parts provide the best value over the life of your plant. The parts are built to last and have a longer life than low-cost products on the market.


Sinosouth experts are ready for you in emergency situations

24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The help line team is highly trained and experienced. We can talk you through the challenges with a remote connection to your system that will minimise the troubleshooting time.

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Sinosouth offer work-site training.We will send our experts to work-site and help your operators make the most of the asphalt plants at their disposal.