Automatic Control LYS-6 Concrete Road Curb And Gutter Machine For Sale

Automatic Control LYS-6 Concrete Road Curb And Gutter Machine For Sale

LYS-6 Concrete Curb And Gutter Machine For Sale

Application and characteristics: 

This machine is a special equipment for asphalt curb or cement concrete road curb and gutter. 
Widely used in the formation of highways and municipal curbs. 
The curb and gutter have a flat appearance, good water injection effect, simple operation and high production efficiency.

Detail Technical Paramters of LYS-6 Concrete Road Curbing Machine 

Curb and gutter sizeWidth ≤900mm,height ≤500mm
Self-levelingLeveling range:±5cm
Auto steeringMinimum turning radius:3.5m
Working speed1—6m/min
Hopper volume0.4m³
Rated power12KW

New Design LYS-6 Concrete Road Curbing Machine 

1.Automatic clutch and speed reducer are used to transmit power, automatic walking, computer control.

2.Add automatic leveling and automatic steering system

Please note the kerb size can be made by this machine is: width ≤900mm,height ≤500mm

Please show us your molds drawing, including the width and height of your curb, let us check which model meet your project. And the kerb size and shape can be made by your demands.

Project in China. 

This machine is widely used in road construction in China.

Project in Malaysia

The Concrete Road Curbing Machine have been exported to American, Canada , Austrial , Phillipines , Turkey , Ireland ,Morocco, South Africa, Iceland, Malaysia and so on .

it helps more and more business to achieve his project and make profilts . 

Now please contact us and start your business on the road curbing machine . we will give you best price with good quality !

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