Dry Mortar Mixing Production Line

Dry Mortar Mixing Production Line

Dry mortar mixing plant is simple in terms of structure, silos are located around mixing tower. It’s suitable to produce few sorts of common mortars, which generally is delivered via bulk loading. Its structure bears the semblance to commercial concrete mixing station. It requiresmedium scale investment. 

Characteristics for dry mix mortar plant:

  1. Outstanding mixing performance for dry mix mortar plant 
  • The plant is equipped with patented plow-type mixer, which is capable to produce highly homogeneous mixture and discharge finished product completely without any residue. The plant could carry out dosage accurately and perform task highly efficiently. 
  • Drum body of the mixer is made of high quality wear-resistant super alloy. Mixing blades are made of specific wear-resistant alloy, easy to replace and spacing between them and the drum body is even. 
  • Big angle inclined discharge gate is fitted with multiple layers of sealing protection. It’s mechanically self-locked during operation, ensuring absence of material leakage. 
  • Big angle discharge gate ensures complete discharge, moreover the mixer is fitted with self-cleaning system, preventing material from sticking or blocking the gate. 

2.Accurate, stabile and reliable dosage system  for dry mix mortar plant 

  • Split dosage scale, more stabile dosage!  
  • Double valve lock structure, preventing overweight  or underweight  ! 
  • Target feeding system, more accurate dosage!  
  • Highly precise sensors from internationally renowned suppliers, accurate and reliable measurement! 

3.Sand probability screen, accurate, enduring and stabile for dry mix mortar plant   

  • Maintenance hole made of glass steel, quick plugs and dumper spring tension structure, all of them make sure that the screen function freely and efficiently;  
  • Internationally renowned vibrating motor, reliable and effective;  
  • Sieve self-cleaning system-preventing material from blocking;
  • Wide area of stainless steel sieve, quick access to observation hole, easy and convenient to operate.

4.Targeted environment friendly equipment for dry mix mortar plant

  • Drying and cooling procedures are accompanied by container-type gravity dust collector and bag pulse dust collector to minimize dust emission. It’s fitted with high quality thermally resistant bags and skeleton device, which not only prolong bags’ service life, but also effectively collects dust generated during production, meeting international and local environment protection requirements; 
  • For additive an individual pulse dust collector is applied to prevent additive from leaking and thus imposing danger to personnel as well as meet environment protection requirements; 
  • Silos are fitted with specific pulse dust collector atop to prevent overpressure explosion;
  • Points that may generate dust are fitted with pulse dust collectors and reclaimed dust is reused.

5.Efficient, energy saving and reliable drying system for dry mix mortar plant NFLG implemented domestically pioneer double-circuit drying and cooling drum in its plants.  

  • Applying hard-surface reducer of renowned brands;  
  • Applying split bolt fastening structure, making it easy to dissemble and maintain; 
  • Output material temperature≤65°C,water content<0.5%,which are designed to prevent damage to additive activity due to too high temperature of sand that may compromise quality of finished product; 
  • Rim made of forged steel and drum shell made of boiler steel plate ensure service life and reliable work of the drying drum;
  • Wide selection of burners that use coal, gas or biological fuel are available for customers.

6.Reliable, stabile and user-friendly double-computer synchronized control system for dry mix mortar plant.

The dry mortar mixing plants and FB series dry mortar mixing plants offered by NFLG are controlled and operated via double synchronized computer system. Its hardware mainly consists of two computers, high-performance PLC, human-machine interface, high precision dosage units and low-voltage electric components from internationally renowned brands. They work in concert with software developed by NFLG itself to realize smooth and reliable control of production process. Under the synchronized control system, any of the two computers could independently carry out control of the production process. When one of them malfunctions or faults the other one immediately takes charge over without any manual interruption to ensure that production continues as before.

 Technical Parameters of Dry Mortar Production Line:

Production line modeOutputOccupied areaEquipment heighRemark of batching and packing
Simple1-15t/h40㎡5-10mManual batching and packing
Basic5-15t/h40-60㎡6-10mManual batching, automatic packing
Semiautonmatic of serial mode5-15t/h40-80㎡8-12mAutomatic batching of coarse material, manual batching of additive, automatic packing
Semiautonmatic of tower mode5-50t/h40-100㎡10-25mthe same to serial semiautomatic made
Fully automatic of tower mode5-50t/h60-500㎡10-25mAutomatic batching of all raw material and packing