- Best Road Curb Machines -

Road Curb machine, someone may also call it Concrete Kerbing Machine, concrete edging machine, Cement landscape curbing machine etc, is a equipment that we use for construction, for curbing of the concrete blocks.

We have focused on this industry for more than ten years, offer best road curbing machines in China with competitive price.  Talk with us now and get best machines for your business.


How does a Road curbing machine work?

Landscape Concrete Extruding Curb Machine are used to quickly complete a huge variety of paving jobs, such as: 

1. SubdivisionsParking lots.

2.Highway barriers.

3. Sidewalks.

4.Irrigation ditches 

And more.

This machine can be used for  curbs, gutters, barrier walls, sidewalks, ditches and more. As long as the customer tells us the required curb size, we can customize the mold production according to the size requirements.


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