Congratulations on the successful Operation of LB3000 asphalt mixing plant for the first branch of China Railway Bureau .

Mar. 21,2018

Congratulations on the successful Operation of LB3000 asphal

Firstly, very thanks for the first branch of china railway bureau . They made decision to purchase the asphalt mixing plant from Henan Sinosouth Machinery Co.,ltd because of our quality after visiting many factory . Secondly , thanks for our workers who strictly control product quality . LB3000 asphalt mixing plant made by Henan Sinosouth Machinery Co.,ltd have the feature as follows :1, Cold Ingredients System Multi-level: cold hopper 5, to meet the different types of gradation.2, Low-carbon Energy-Saving Drying System: dry tube inside the layout of special-shaped high-performance guide plate, supporting the import burner, the combustion efficiency maximization, external package insulation materials and stainless steel, beautiful, low carbon, energy saving, environmental protection.3, Efficient Screening System: vibrating screen with dual-axis inertia exciter, 5-layer three-dimensional sieve, to meet the different types of gradation.4, Large Capacity of The Heat Storage Silo: the warehouse is divided into five sub-positions, the total capacity of 50m3, the buffer effect is obvious, fully enclosed insulation, waste and flash material automatically discharged.5, Excellent Performance of The Mixing System: mixing cylinder with dual-axis, dual drive, mandatory, smooth and reliable operation. The material flow in the cylinder for circular motion, and high-speed injection of asphalt quickly combined, stirring fast, uniform, high efficiency.6, Advanced Computer Operating System: dual computer, no button automatic operation, manual assistance. High precision materials, statements complete, massive storage of data, the control room multi-screen monitoring.8, Brand-name Accessories: burners, reducer, bearings, pneumatic components, electrical components are used at home and abroad brand-name products, machine reliability greatly improved.

Congratulations on the successful Operation of LB3000 asphal

the brands of reducer is Simens.

Congratulations on the successful Operation of LB3000 asphal

above the mixer ,there have hot material silo .

Now our factory have 2 set of LB1500  Asphalt Batching Plant 120t/h ,  welcome you to visit us and check the quality !

our whatsapp is +86 15936215008

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