concrete pump machine

concrete pump machine

A concrete pump is a tool for conveying liquid concrete.


Secondary structural column pump purposes: used in high-rise building mortar and fine aggregate concrete transportation, secondary structural column grouting, reservoirs, hydropower stations, ports, docks in a variety of pressure grouting, foundation treatment, weak foundation, grouting reinforcement, Tunnel, subway, mine construction backfill grouting bolt support, Secondary structural column irrigation, and slope spray anchor support.

Technical Paramters for Concrete Pump Machine 

Max. conveying dist.5~7 m³
Forms of workS pipe valve
Max. aggregate size0.5~2cm
Hydraulic oil coolingWind cooling
Vertical conveying distance15m
Horizontal conveying distance50m
Conveying pipe diameter65mm~80mm
Motor power11kw


1. Advanced hydraulic system

2. high work efficiency

3. Save labor costs, reduce labor intensity

4. Smaller power, consider the carrying capacity of rural power grid

5. Simple operation, easy to use

6. Double cylinder hydraulic pumping system, capable of delivering crushed stone concrete, stable performance, safe and reliable

7. Long distance delivery

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